• October 28, 2018
  • 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Day left ENDED

Event description

Celebrating Day of Maharaas and Birthday of Jagadguru Shree Kripalu ji Maharaj
Join us for this auspicious day of celebrations and rejoicing

On Sunday October 28 from 11:00-8:00pm for extended chanting

Program will conclude with Guru Arti, Charan Poojan and Bhog at 8:00pm

Sharat Poornima is an auspicious full moon night when the Maha Raas occurred 5,000 years ago when Lord Krishna along with infinite God-realized saints in the form of Gopis and Gwalbaals descended on the Earth Planet

This is also the day our founder and inspirer Jagadguru Kripaluji Maharaj appeared so we will also celebrate his birthday. On this night, Lord Krishna invited his faithful devotees, the Gopis to play the Maha Raas (a traditional folk-dance) with him. They had earned his grace by offer him nishkam bhakti  (selfless devotion).  Pleased by their exclusive love for him, Shree Krishna initiated the Maha Raas, by assuming as many forms as there were Gopis.

When describing this ‘leela’ in the Bhagvatam (10/30/25) Shukdevji tells King Parikshit: ‘O Parikshit! Of all nights, that night of Sharad Punam became the most resplendent.  With the Gopis, Shri Krishna roamed the banks of the Yamuna, as if imprisoning everyone in his leela!’