The 5-day youth enrichment camp focuses on Personal Development, Public Speaking and General Knowledge in the form of interactive sessions.

Grade 5-10
Max Seat:
1-4 pm
Jay Pujara
This Summer Inspirational Masters LLC presents Talent and Leadership Camp to develop curiosity and thirst for learning in youth. The 4E camp aims at Personal Development, Public Speaking skills and General Knowledge in the form of interactive sessions.

          xplore the world of information and knowledge

          xpress your creativity in the forms of projects

          nhance focus and develop self image and positive thinking

          njoy fun games and quizzes

          Note: Camp includes Trophy, Certificate, Cinch Bag for each participant.

          Early Bird pricing available till May 10th.

Jay Pujara

jay-picJay Pujara is an author, entrepreneur, and a thought leader, and has a passion for creating a positive change in people through education. 

Jay is a pharmacist by education and also holds qualifications in International Trade and Marketing Management. Jay has received training from world renowned coaches including Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield. He is voracious reader and Founder and President of Inspiration Masters, LLC. (EST 2012) Communication and Leadership Training Institute.

He is the author of the book “Become Remarkable Now”Concepts about life, happiness and wealth.

He is a past President and current member of Las Colinas Communicators, part of Toastmasters International.

He has been on task force at Irving ISD, helping create the school of entrepreneurship.

Awards and achievements

Leadership Award

Outstanding President Award for D25 Toastmasters 2015

(Out of about 160 Toastmasters club from Oklahoma to Waco)

Jay has won speech contests conducted by Toastmasters in every single speech category.

Jay is a public speaker and has addressed various organizations, large and small. He has also organized workshops and programs for nonprofit organizations.

Currently, Jay is involved in coaching corporate members, freelancers, entrepreneurs and business owners. He has mentored and trained individuals from reputed institutions including Citigroup, American Airlines, Verizon, AT&T, and BSNF among others.

He also conducts programs for youth groups through his company Inspiration Masters, LLC. located in Irving, TX.

The four current locations are Irving, McKinney, Allen, and Arlington.