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This program offers an opportunity to contribute with their writing for a book and be a co-author with other like ... more >>
In collaboration with Falak Art Studio, Dallas, Shiksha offers curriculum-based art lessons where they focus on building a solid foundation. ... more >>
Why do you need this?If you have a passion for writing and want to take this passion to the ... more >>
Build your Harmonium and Vocal Chanting skills by progressing through 6 Levels from Beginner to Advanced!A clear and structured approach ... more >>
Build your Dholak skills by progressing through 8 Levels from Beginner to Advanced!A clear and structured approach has been designed ... more >>
Description- Join us for a 75 min workshop to understand and experience how the program runs where kids enjoy while learning ... more >>
· Overview of Sutras and sub-sutras used in Vedic Math. · Addition using ParamaMitra sankhya (best friend method, Dot Superscript); Paravartya addition). · ... more >>
Vedic Math for students in 4th-8th grades.Free online information session on the course objectives, syllabus and Q & ... more >>
In today’s competitive world, It’s important for youth right from Elementary to High school to develop an Entrepreneurial ... more >>
Students and parents are often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of ambiguity inherent in the college applications.  They often wonder...1.  ... more >>
Why do you need this?In today’s competitive world, it’s very important to form connections, influence decisions, and ... more >>
Enroll your kids in Hindi for a whole year so they can gain a level of fluency... one semester is ... more >>