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An activity-based class where the focus is on enhancing the strengths of the child by 360-degree evaluation and working on ... more >>
Inviting all musicians to take part in Instrumental music competition (online) organized by Radha Govind Dham only, to provide a ... more >>
Why do you need this? In today’s competitive world, it’s very important to form connections, influence decisions, and ... more >>
 Learn how to be an effective communicator, how to leave a lasting impression on others, Elevator Pitch, Master the art ... more >>
Inviting all vocalists to take part in Indian vocal music competition - Sur Manjari (online) organized by Radha Govind Dham ... more >>
Enroll your kids in Hindi for a whole year so they can gain a level of fluency... one semester is ... more >>
These classes are a wonderful way for youth and teens to  1. Understand the fundamental concepts of Hindu philosophy 2. Apply the ... more >>