In this class you will learn various writing prompts to enhance your writing skills by playing games, doing various activities and learning new words to add in your vocabulary.

9 to 12 years
Max Seat:
4:00 pm
Shyamala Ramkumar

1. The program will be conducted completely online

2.   The link for the online session shall be shared via email.

3.  Complete instructions for going online shall be shared before the commencement of the class.

4.  It is mandatory for children to have their webcam/Video on while they are participating in the session

5.  Only one child per registration will be allowed, siblings will have to log in from two different devices.

The class is from June 14th to August 2nd, every Sunday for 8 weeks. 



Ms. Shyamala Ramkumar: She is a Passionate Creative Writer, Trainer, and a Public Speaker, President at Carrollton Toastmasters Club and currently working for The Success Door LLC as a Creative Writing Trainer.