Get all the information you need to get started with your Scrum Master certification to give your career a boost.

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Saturday: February 6, 2021. 2:00 pm
Neeharika Peter

Why take the certification Course

SAFe 5 Scrum Master (SSM) certification signifies that people are prepared to perform the role of Scrum Master in a SAFe environment, increasing their value to teams and organizations that are implementing SAFe.

Who can benefit

Program or Project Manager, Scrum Master, Team Lead, Release Train Engineer, Business Analyst, Agile Coach, Portfolio Manager, Consultant, Architect, Engineer, Developer, Director, Quality, Manager, Product Manager, Product Owner, Delivery Manager, Program Manager

An intensive 2-day online workshop where participants collaborate to
1. Learn scrum basics
2. Implement scrum
3, Explore the role of the Scrum Master in the context of the entire enterprise
4. Learn Program Increment planning
5. Get a solid foundation for the SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) certification exam.
6. Course certificate of completion
7. Get access to offline learning resources

Please attend our free online information session on the course objectives, Q & A from our certified Agile trainer.

For more information, please contact Neeharika Linkedin:

Teacher Profile


Neeharika Peter brings her 25 years of software engineering experience in the Telecom, Financial Services and Airlines industries. Neeharika’s career spans software developer to Agile Coach and many other roles in Software Engineering at companies.

She has led both small team-level agile adoption efforts as well as large scaled agile transformations at the enterprise level.

Neeharika is an enthusiast and student of best practices, and enjoys leveraging her experiences as a development practitioner, consultant, and coach to help bridge the gap between Lean-Agile theory and the messy complex dynamics of applying it in the real world.

Neeharika is a Certified SAFe® Program Consultant (SPC), Agile Certified Consultant (ICP-ACC), Agile Team Facilitator (ICP-ATF), Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt and Kanban Management Professional (KMP)

Neeharika Linkedin:

Feedback from students

I really enjoyed the practical examples she shared.

She is very detail oriented. Good explanation of the concepts

She had lots of business examples in different types of industry. She was also knowledgeable of different Agile experts.

Neeharika did an excellent job with the presentation. She knows the subject and uses lots of examples during the workshop which was very helpful.

Very knowledgeable about course material

Very knowledgeable of SAFe and Scrum Master.


1. There are quite a few professional organizations that teach Scrum Master. In what way this Shiksha course is different from them?

Everybody teaches the same copyrighted material from Scaled Agile Inc. Some of those instructors have experience in multiple industries and have a lot of scars in trying to practice that. They bring their experience and talk from a place of knowing the challenges and have experience tackling them. They employ facilitation skills to create an environment of learning.
Instead of looking at the institute, I recommend doing research on the trainer. See the LinkedIn profile and see if they have agile mindset before you opt to attend the class.

2. Nowadays, many organizations provide this course for their employees. Why would they go outside and pay for these courses?

Many still go outside since they are looking for a job/industry change and need new tools to be able to do that. Others are looking to enter the workforce as a Scrum Master and need something to perk up their resume. Yet others are looking to learn from others who have done it.

3. There are so many (free) educational resources available online. Can someone study those and get certified?

Yes, material is available online. One can invest lots of time learning it themselves or spend 2 days with a good instructor and get insights that would take a while to get on your own.

4. Can this course offer any job placements in any of the organization?

We can’t ensure placement, but we can say that by attending the course you will learn the traits of a good Scrum Master and be feel a little more confident in an interview and while being a Scrum Master.