AI – Level I

Machine learning is based on the idea that machines should be able to learn and adapt through experience, AI refers to a broader idea where machines can execute tasks “smartly.” Artificial Intelligence applies machine learning, deep learning and other techniques to solve actual problems.

About the teacher- Rajni Goyal who is Data Science practitioner and an avid programmer with over 20 years of experience in various Data Science-related areas that include Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence (BI), ad hoc analysis, Predictive Modeling, Data Science product development, consulting, formulating strategy, and executing an analytics program.
I have a career covering life cycles of data across different domains such as telecom, retail, pharmacy, and energy sector. I have a Bachelors degree in Computer Science, Master’s degree in Data Science, and currently pursuing MBA. Currently working as Lead Data Scientist with Hunt Energy Enterprises, contributing to the next big Renewable Energy revolution. – Rajni Goyal
11 and up
Max Seat:
November 7th- December 12th from 3-4 pm
Rajni Goyal

Artificial Intelligence Level 1