Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (2)

Radha Govind Dham is giving you the chance to take a free workshop preview of our upcoming AI class being offered by Rajni Goyal. 

About the teacher:

I’m a Data Science practioner and an avid programmer with over 20
years of experience in various Data Science-related areas that include
Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence (BI), ad hoc analysis, Predictive
Modeling, Data Science product development, consulting, formulating
strategy, and executing analytics program.
I have a career covering life cycles of data across different domains such as
telecom, retail, pharmacy, and energy sector. I have a Bachelors degree
in Computer Science, Master’s degree in Data Science, and currently
pursuing MBA. Currently working as Lead Data Scientist with Hunt
Energy Enterprises, contributing to the next big Renewable Energy
revolution. – Rajni Goyal

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July 18, 3-4 pm
Rajni Goyal

AI Workshop by Rajni Goyal on July 19 2020.