In collaboration with Falak Art Studio, Dallas, Shiksha offers curriculum-based art lessons where they focus on building a solid foundation. Students will learn basic to advanced drawing techniques and work with all possible color mediums to help them develop confidence, win art awards, and build a portfolio for college applications.   

Online classes are on Thursday, Friday, Saturday for 1.5 hrs for $99 per month with no supply fees. 

Max Seat:

Level 1 – Drawing/ Water Color – Age Group 5 to 8 years

Drawing level -Learn essential elements of Art. Understand the concept of shape size and placement, and angles applicable to drawing anything and everything, along with developing fine motor skills, focus, and neatness with pencil color.

Watercolor level – Apply the learned drawing concept and advance to watercolor and techniques to successfully handle the medium.

Level 2 – Prisma Basic, Prisma 2D & 3D – Age Group 9 to 12 years

Learn the essential fundamentals required to be an artist: Art of observation, transforming shapes into forms, applying textures, colors, and values based on light and shadows from 2d images and 3d objects

Level 3 – Acrylic, Charcoal Graphite – Age Group 13+ (Prerequisite: should have a prior art experience either in school or outside)

Charcoal/Graphite level -This course covers an understanding of design composition and the principle of design. Drawing from 3d, 1pt /2pt, and 3pt perspective, portraits study, and figure drawings arefocused in this level using charcoal and graphite. Originality, creativity is a must for each assignment.

Acrylic level –fundamentals, tricks, and techniques of acrylic like underpainting, glazing, texturing, abstraction, realism is the critical focus to succeed at the medium.

Advance Art Program

A curriculum designed for advanced art programs can help students build a portfolio that can give them high school art credit in school or an extra-curricular activity during college application. (Each school has different rules, so please check with your student’s counselor for eligibility).



Falak Art Studio is owned and operated by Artist & Fashion Designer Nisha Shah. Falak Arts has courses for children and adults. Nisha believes that every child must learn a skill apart from academic learning, where they can discover a lifelong hobby, which can turn into a passion or profession. As a successful artist, Nisha’s work graces the walls of numerous offices and homes. She gives back to the community by creating murals for charitable organizations.                  


*Never miss out on helping your child discover their passion early on, for which they will be thankful all life.