Calling all Parents – Register your Kids for the Virtual Costume Contest this Janmashtmi!

Dress up your child as Radha or Krishna, be as creative as you can get, and submit their photos for the contest ONLINE. This contest is being conducted by Radha Govind Dham Dallas, an affiliate center of Radha Madhav Dham Austin.

Contest Judges will select 2 winners from the following age categories. Winners will be announced on Shiksha’s Facebook Page!

Age Categories: 0-2 years|3-5 years|6-8 years|9-11 years|

Registration Fee: $15 /participant

Last day of registration: August 24th, 2021

Last day of submission: August 26th, 2021


Max Seat:
Registration Deadline: August 24th | Submission Deadline: August 26th


  1. The deadline for submission of photos is August 26, 2021, before midnight 12 a.m.
  1. Entries will be accepted on a first-come basis. In the event of entries exceeding the capacity, registration may close before the deadline.
  1. Each participant should provide 
  2. high-quality photos in Radha Krishna costume
  3. a creative title for the costume
  1. The picture should be of the Individual participant only. Please don’t be part of the picture unless the child is below 2 years, then 1 parent can be in the photo
  1. Please submit original photos only.
  1. Participants should be dressed in Radha Krishna costume only.
  1. Ensure that the photo submitted is a good representation of your entire costume (head to toe), and the photo is a quality photo (e.g. in focus, enough light, costume features are clearly visible, etc.).
  1. The title should be appropriate for the picture. Suggestions for fun creative titles include Muraliwala, Krishna looking for his flute, Krishna crying for Makhan, Krishna dancing for gopis, Radha with a milk pot, Radha with a flower basket.
  1. A panel of judges will individually score a performance based on the rubrics. The judges may also consider additional criteria in their decision-making.
  1. Participants must first complete registration at The costume photos and the photo title should be sent to along with the proof of registration.
  1. Winners will be declared on August 11 at midnight. Photos of the winners will be posted on Shiksha’s Facebook Page. 
  1. Judges’ decisions will be absolutely final.
  1. Judges will not reveal the scores they have recorded on the scoring sheet provided.

Scoring Criteria

The participants will be judged on 

  1. a) Costume – includes costume, jewelry, and makeup
  2. b) Title
  3. c) Overall presentation – includes confidence, posture, and expressions