This beginner-friendly Kuchipudi dance class workshop will give participants a solid foundation in the beautiful Indian classical Kuchipudi dance form.

Over 8 weeks, participants will learn:

• Namaskara: The traditional introduction and salutation in Kuchipudi dance.
• First Level of Basic Steps: Participants will learn fundamental footwork patterns and movements that form the basis of Kuchipudi choreography.
• Asamyutha Hastalu (Hand Gestures/Mudras): Exploring the expressive hand gestures used in Kuchipudi to convey emotions and storytelling.
• Stretches and Dance Exercises: Improve flexibility, posture, and overall dance fitness through guided stretches and exercises tailored to Kuchipudi.

• Learning a Kuchipudi Dance Piece: Participants will learn a short Kuchipudi dance piece in this workshop.

Classes Start: June 17th, 2024

Max Seat:
Starting June 17th
Ms. Sai Divya Vooka

Recordings of each session will be available for participants to access
outside of class for additional practice. Create a lasting memory! We will
film a video of you performing the learned Kuchipudi dance sequence in
costume, providing a unique keepsake of your accomplishment.
• Celebrate your achievement! Upon successful completion of the workshop,
participants will receive a course completion certificate in recognition of their
dedication and newly acquired Kuchipudi dance skills.

Teaching Methodology:

• Each session will begin with a warm-up routine to prepare the body for
• Each class will learn new Kuchipudi steps.
• Step-by-step instruction will be provided for all techniques, ensuring clear
• Individualized attention will be offered to address any questions or challenges
faced by participants.
• Ample practice time will be allotted to solidify learned concepts, including
dedicated practice for hastalu (hand gestures).
• Fun and interactive activities will be integrated throughout the workshop to keep
learning engaging (if time permits)
• To cool down the body and mind, each class will conclude with a 5-minute
meditation sessions

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
• Perform a basic Kuchipudi Namaskara.
• Execute fundamental Kuchipudi dance steps with proper form and technique.
• Employ basic hastalu (hand gestures) to enhance their storytelling.
• Confidently perform padakarma (footwork) patterns.

• Demonstrate improved flexibility and posture for dance.
• Increase focus and memory power.
• Collaborate and perform a short Kuchipudi dance piece.

Teacher Profile

Namaste! My name is Sai Divya Vooka, and my passion for Kuchipudi began at age 4 under the guidance of Master Patan Mohidin Khan. Since my debut at 5, So far I have given close to 1000 performances in my entire career.

Along this extraordinary journey, I have been honored with prestigious accolades, including the Guinness World Record, the Natya Mayuri, the Natya Vignan Awards, and recognition in the Limca Book and Telugu World of Records.

I’m excited to share my knowledge and love of Kuchipudi with you! Let’s create a welcoming community where we learn, grow, and celebrate this beautiful art form together.
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