1. Math for 7th and 8th grade


7th grade sessions aim towards Duke TIP recognition 


8th grade sessions are geared towards PSAT 8


Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program) and PSAT 8 recognizes students working above grade level


Cover fundamental concepts for each topic followed by simple problems targeting school level Math


Topics go beyond – exponents, ratios, percentages, pre algebra, algebra, geometry, shapes, data interpretation, word problems and more.


Proven program that has succeeded in having students achieve Duke TIP’s state recognition.


Our teacher guides the students to resolve problems in a step by step manner, by working through a few samples, before having them resolve on their own.


Our teaching style fosters interest as we gradually progress into complex problems, leading students to work beyond grade level. Appreciating and acknowledging their approach to resolve complex problems keeps them motivated and eager to resolve more


Max Seat:
  1. 7th grade Math with Duke TIP prep – This session is targeted specifically for students in 7th grade. We cover factorization, radicals, ratios, percentages, exponents, simple linear equations & inequalities, introduction to problem solving, data analysis, geometry and more. For more details, please click the link below.



    8th grade Math with PSAT 8 prep – This session is targeted specifically for students in 8th grade. We cover complex problems for concepts taught in 7th grade (exponents, radicals, linear equations and inequalities etc), along with absolute values, functions & relations, polynomial factoring, problem solving and data analysis, geometry, introduction to Advanced Math and more. For more details, please click the link below.



    Learn from an expert instructor in an interactive classroom setting, with both group and individual attention.  We provide instruction, test prep materials, and other resources to help develop a solid foundation in Math. We do challenge students who are performing above grade level to motivate them and keep their interest growing.

    Frequent tests assess capability and progress of students. Results are shared with students and parents.

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7th grade Math with Duke TIP prep, 8th grade Math with PSAT 8 prep

Teacher Profile

Alaap has conducted multiple sessions for Math for students in middle and high school. He is a passionate teacher with an honest commitment to take students to the next level. He ranked #1 from Symbiosis, India, where he earned double Masters, was a faculty member for dissertations and coordinated business schools educational activities. Alaap is now a Sr. Manager & worked in MNC’s like HCL & Accenture.