Pic_Personality Development Workshop (1)

A program that helps you enhance your personality.

Duration of the class: – 4 weeks, Each Week 90 minutes

Max Seat:
Tuesdays - 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
Neetu Rishi

Enhance your personality by learning the following skills: –

  1. Adapt a Nutritive and Fitness Lifestyle
  2. Enhance your dressing etiquettes
  3. Basic Makeover tips
  4. How to open up a conversation

The class is for 4 weeks, Each Week 90 minutes


Classes 4th Feb, 11th Feb, 18th Feb, 25th Feb



About Neetu Rishi
Neetu Rishi is a passionpreneur being the CEO and Founder of “The Success Door, LLC, a coaching and an Image Consulting firm, besides being a Life Coach, a Motivational Speaker, an Image Consultant, Model and Author of the book, “A Different Monday” with a professional background of 2 decades.
She has been featured in multiple publications and magazines as a role model and a mentor. She gets inspiration from her urge of helping people and doing something remarkable for society. Her strength lies in her will power and her life motto is to live a life which becomes a message for all.
She also believes in giving back to the community by her varied experiences. She is associated with many nonprofit organizations to add value through her skill sets. She adorns many feathers in her cap which includes, Best Performance Award, Leadership Award, Innovation Award, Best Branch Manager Award, Best Speaker award at Toastmasters, first place award in “Humorous Speech Contest”, Best Motivational Coach Award, Mrs. Classic Well Spoken Award and Beauty with Purpose Award.