• October 21, 2017
  • 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Day left 29 day(s) to start

Event description

Light Up Your Hearts with the Sparkle of Diwali !
Enjoy Devotion, Fun, Food, Friends & Festivities 
Make memories like never before… feel like you are back in India

 Diwali, also called Deepawali, is popularly known as the festival of lights!

The deeper philosophical meaning of Diwali is explained in our scriptures – within each person’s heart, there lies the potential for both good and evil. These qualities are called sattvic and tamas in Sanskrit and they represent light and darkness, respectively. Developing the sattvic quality of one’s mind through good thoughts and actions, and through devotion to God, is like lighting up your heart, which drives away the darkness of tamas. 

So join us at Radha Govind Dham this Diwali and light up your hearts in sparkle of both devotion & celebration…. Experience the splendor of Hindu heritage with an amazing lineup of activities including

Celebration Outside the Temple:  All Booths Open at 6pm

  • Meet Ravan, Hanuman and ask them questions
  • Take Family Pictures at Diwali themed photo booths
  • Fun Games, Kid Contests, Rangoli designs 
  • Mehndi, Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos
  • Shopping for Diwali items at RGD Booth
  • Sparklers available for Kidsin designated areas (starts 8:15pm)
  • Delicious Diwali Food & Beverages

Devotion Inside the Temple: Program starts at 6pm

  • Buy Pooja Thali to offer to Bhagwan – $11
  • Do Ram Arti – 3 times: 7pm; 8pm; 9pm
  • Perform Sita Ram Abhishek 
  • Join in chanting of Chaupais, Bhajans
  • Watch Ramayan themed dances for 10 min segments – 7:10; 8:10, 9:10pm

















Come join us, wear your sparkling best and light up your evening with sparkling Diwali festivities!    
Call us at 469-909-1008 or visit RGDdallas.org for more info