Become A Volunteer

Become A Volunteer

How to join our Volunteer Community

A community center cannot operate without a dedicated community of people. We need your help, so join us today…

Volunteer Your Skills & Expertise

Tell us what skills you would like to use to serve or what passion, interest you have and get involved in a service area of your choice

Become an Event Volunteer

We need help to plan, coordinate and execute both large celebrations and small festivals, events and daily activities. Join us

Volunteer To Cook

Join our Whatsapp group and prepare a dish for any event you want. WE serve lunch at every Sunday satsang at 1pm. We also prepare meals for all our major events.

Become a Youth Volunteer

We have an active Youth Group for kids between ages 9-19 to learn about devotion through service to temple and the community.  For more information, email Rupal at 

“There is nothing in life more meaningful than seva to one's own community. We have become one big family who share the same goals and a lot of passion“



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