Murli-Pledge Member

Murli-Pledge Member




Thank you for becoming a RGD Pledge Member.  You have signed up for Murli Level @ $100/mth

Radha Govind Dham is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that conducts devotional, educational and community programs throughout the year.

All our activities are supported only through generous donations received from individuals like you.

Your donations are tax-exempt.  A confirmation receipt will be mailed to you within a month of receiving your donations.



You will be directed to a PayPal payment page to make your payment.  To make recurring donations easier, we have created a subscription account for you so it will automatically deduct your $100 payment every 30 days.

You will be required to create a paypal username and password to log into your account. Click on the button below to make your tax-deductible online donation now.

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