November 22, 2015
Young, American, Hindu
I’m a food writer. My trade is one that obsesses over cuisine, ingredients, the history of food and how it intersects with our daily world, but is uniquely concerned with the issue of hunger. My own tendencies when it comes to eating are as broad as anyone else’s – some days I crave the simplest pleasures, other days I long for superbly crafted delicacies. If I have one constant, it’s that my hunger changes, day by day. Sure, I could ea ...
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February 11, 2015
Answer by Jagadguru Shree Kriapalu Ji Maharaj, in response to the question "Why does Discouragement In Devotion Occur?" Discouragement occurs as a result of prior practice. It has to be eliminated through knowledge, through practice. The feeling of discouragement comes when not just one, but all of our weaknesses culminate. They reside in our subtle body and therefore, from time to time, they become strong and manifest. Just like a strong wind th ...
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