1. Robotics Beginner (Sunday 3-4 pm)
2. Robotics Advance Systems (Sunday 4-5 pm)
3. Electronics and principles of IoT (Sunday 5-6 pm)
**********With the skills imparted, students will be eligible to compete at WRL Bronze Apprentice.


Max Seat:
Students are going to build and explore many aspects of Robotics – different kind of mechanical drives, the Robotic vehicle architecture and Robot end effectors. Students will also learn and apply skills pertaining to the 2D push, pull, engage problems and work on challenges based on task execution, path planning and following.
1. Robotics Beginner (Sunday 3-4 pm)
2. Robotics Advance Systems (Sunday 4-5 pm)
3. Electronics and principles of IoT (Sunday 5-6 pm)
*** Please notice change in times: All three classes are now on Sundays ****

Dr. Rajeev Dwivedi

robotics-teacherDr. Rajeev Dwivedi is an avid Inventor with 4 United States Patents to credit. He has also been a Veteran coach for 11 Robotics teams competing in First Lego League as well as First Tech Challenge. He is also very well published in 25 Technical Publications and journals

Dr. Dwivedi has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with Specialization in Robot Assisted Manufacturing from Southern Methodist University and a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India and extensive experience in Robotics and Industrial Automation having worked for SIEMENS, Finisar and Thapar Corporate Research and Development.