Indian vocal music competition.

Hindustani Classical | Carnatic Classical | Devotional

10 and under | 11 -13 years | 14 -17 years | 18 and above
Registration Fee: $25/category (Individual), $40 (group)

Last day of registration and submission of video: July 08, 2023

Early Bird Special: $20/category (Individual), $35 (group) – Register by June 24th, 2023

5 and up
Max Seat:
Deadline - July 10, 2021

Sur Manjari

Vocal Music Competition (Online)
Hindustani Classical Vocal | Carnatic Classical Vocal | Devotional Vocal | Non-competitive

10 and under| 11 -13 years | 14-17 years | 18 and above

Registration Fee: $25 /category (Individual), $40 (group)
Last day of registration and submission of video: July 08, 2023

Early Bird Special – $20/category, $35/group (register by June 24th, 2023)

Rules and Guidelines

1. Deadline for a) completing registration and b) submissions of the video performance is July 08, 2023.  

2. Entries will be accepted on a first come basis. In the event of entries exceeding the capacity, registration may close before the deadline.

3. A panel of judges will individually score a performance based on the rubrics. The judges may also consider additional criteria in their decision-making.

4. Participants must first complete registration at They will create a video recording of a classical/non-classical piece in a noise-free environment. This video will be uploaded to YouTube and a link to the YouTube video should be sent to along with the proof of registration.

5. Taanpura (electronic or string) is compulsory for all classical music performances. Taal accompaniment (tabla or mridangam) is compulsory for all Hindustani Classical performances, and recommended for Non-Classical performances. For Carnatic classical, participants should give taal using their hand;hand should be visible in the video.

6. For Taanpura and Taal accompaniment, either live accompaniment or electronic app must be used.  No other accompaniment instrument is allowed.  Strictly no use of karaoke in the background.   Parents of participants in 10 and under can help start tabla machine.

7. For each participant, the time limit is

  1. Hindustani Classical: 6 minutes for age groups 10 and under, 11-13, 14-17, and 9 minutes for age group 18 and above
  2. Carnatic Classical: 6 minutes for age groups 10 and under, 11-13, 14-17, and 9 minutes for age group 18 and above
  3. 5 minutes for Devotional performances.

Going over the time limit will incur a 2-5 point penalty.

8. Participants cannot refer to book or notes.  

9. No edits should be performed to the original video shot. If any edits are identified in the video, the participant will be disqualified.

10. For Hindustani or Carnatic classical entries, please specify the name of the raag at the beginning of the video recording.  This can be specified in the description of the YouTube video.

11. Participants should not to provide their name, teacher’s name, or any personal information in the YouTube video.

12. The videos will be sent to the judges for judgement.

13. Winners will be declared on July 29. Performance videos of finalists will be posted on Shiksha Facebook Page.

14. Results will be posted on Shiksha Facebook page, and all participants will be notified via email about the results. 

15. Judges’ decisions will be absolutely final.

16. Judges will not reveal the scores they have recorded on the scoring sheet provided.

Additional rules (and clarifications) for Hindustani and Carnatic classical 

1. Participants are required to be sitting on the floor while recording unless they are medically unfit do so.

2. Use of electronic tabla and electronic tanpura/or app. is compulsory.  No other accompanying instrument will be allowed. 

3. For Hindustani 10 and under, the participants should present Aaroh/Avroh, Pakad, Bandish, Taan.

4. For Hindustani 11-13, 14-17, 18 and above categories, Alaaps and Taans have to be sung along with the bandish. Alaap and taans in aakaar is preferred.

5. For Carnatic 18 and above, participants should include alapana and/or kalpanaswaram in their presentation.



The rubric described below is a general guideline to help prepare for the competition.
Classical Vocal
1. Shruti/Pitch
2. Laya/Rhythm
3. Overall Presentation – includes sitting posture, confidence level and involvement in singing
4. Pronunciation
5. Expression (Raga Lakshana & Bhava)

Non-classical vocal
1. Tonal accuracy
2. Sense of rhythm
3. Accuracy and adherence to the original song melody
4. Tonal quality
5. Diction, articulation, and pronunciation
6. Mastery & overall presentation style

Time Limits

Carnatic Classical 10 and under 6 minutes
Carnatic Classical 11-13 years 6 minutes 
Carnatic Classical 14-17 years 6 minutes 
Carnatic Classical 18 and above  9 minutes
Hindustani Classical  10 and under 6 minutes
Hindustani Classical  11-13 years 6 minutes
Hindustani Classical  14-17 years 6 minutes
Hindustani Classical 18 and above 9 minutes
Devotional 10 and under 5 minutes
Devotional 11-13 years 5 minutes
Devotional 14-17 years 5 minutes
Devotional 18 and above 5 minutes

Judges Panel

Sur Manjari Judges