In this course, we are going to build and explore many aspects of Robotics. This includes different kinds of mechanical drives, the Robotic vehicle architecture, and Robot end effectors. The topics covered include:
1. Basic introduction to Robotics – Architecture of a Robot and different uses of Robot,
2. Mechanical Drives: Gears, Chain-Sprocket and Pulley
3. Single motor bi-directional, actively and Differentially steered Robots
4. End-Effectors for robots
5. Task and Process planning with Robots.

With the skills imparted, students will be eligible to compete at WRL Bronze Apprentice


Classes Start: June 1st, 2024.

Max Seat:
Saturdays: 10:30 am-11:30 am
Rajeev Dwivedi and Surya Rebbapragada
Summer Classes June – August

Students will build and explore many aspects of Robotics – different kinds of mechanical drives, the Robotic vehicle architecture, and Robot end effectors. Students will also learn and apply skills about the 2D push, pull, engaging problems, and work on challenges based on task execution, path planning, and following.

1. Intro to Robotics: Motorized Systems and Basic Programming ( this will be for the youngest group of kids) This code gives children appreciation of Real-life systems including Different types of drives, Robot Navigation, Design of Robot attachments for different types of Tasks. The later part of the course will introduce basic programming
2. Competitive Robotics: This Course will introduce the children to many skills in design, programming, sensor usage for robot perception, and out-of-box thinking to help the kids excel in various competitive events. The students will learn many design and program ideas that will help kids excel in the FLL competition.
8 week Session
Classes Start June 1st

Dr. Rajeev Dwivedi

robotics-teacherDr. Rajeev Dwivedi 

The Robotics program is coordinated by Dr. Rajeev Dwivedi, an authority in the field of general and competitive robotics. Dr. Dwivedi has a PhD in Robot Assisted Manufacturing and is a Senior Hardware Engineer at Amazon Robotics. He has designed and built robots for Semiconductor Industry, Logistics Industry, and Laser Assisted Manufacturing. He has has over 7 patents and 35 publications in reputed international conferences and journals. He is also the author of two best selling books in competitive robotics.