Build your Dholak skills by progressing from Beginner to Advanced level!
A clear and structured approach has been designed so students can get a firm grasp of fluently playing Dholak. This will prepare them to finally be able to become Lead dholak players in public temple Satsangs or at their Home for any cultural events.
This is a very hands-on course with various media being used to make the learning environment interesting and fun!
In-person and Online(Student must own an instrument at home) Classes
Age: 7 and above only!!
Class Dates and Duration: June 1st– Sept 8th’ 2024
55mins – Online – Sat/Sun varying slots 
55mins – In-person – Sun 3:00PM- 3:55PM
Number of Classes Included: 12 Classes (plus 2 make up classes at the end of semester)
limited space, please enroll as soon as possible. 
Please see the Description tab for more details.
Max Seat:
A clear and structured approach has been designed over the years so students can get a firm grasp of playing Dholak. Some of the key aspects of the course curriculum and student progression are below:
– Learn the basic bols (these are strokes based on the tabla) 
– Learn rhythm and syncopation using a metronome
– Master playing and combining bols to create “beats” or taals (rhythmic patterns) effortlessly
– Learn multiple types of beats 
– Learn tukras (or transitions)
– Learn how to play with and communicate with a Chanter
– Learn dholak etiquette in a Satsang
– Continue to more advanced beats (such as 16 beat, keherwa and advanced tukras)

What else students receive…

-Opportunity to play in the weekday Satsangs in the Temple once student is ready.
-Offline assistance via whatsapp group for learners with their teachers where they can share their practice videos or ask any questions offline.
-Yearly twice (Summers – during 2nd semester – June) and (Winters – during 3rd semester – Dec) , an opportunity to take part in Satsang led by music class students only where our Preacher and guide – Shri Nikhilanand ji comes to Dallas and observes student’s progress himself. We do live Facebook broadcast of this event. Proud moment for students and Teachers both.




 Teaching Level


Anuj Soni

Anuj is an active youth volunteer in Radha Govind Dham and a lead Dholak player. 

He is multi-talented youth who loves to teach Dholak and feel grateful in teaching students.

Intermediate- Advanced


Chandra Chittoor

Chandra has held various leadership positions at Accenture, a Global Consulting firm, across Strategy, Account Leadership and Advanced Analytics. Prior to that, he was an entrepreneur, with experience founding, raising venture capital, growing and selling a fast growth organization.

He is a devotee of Radha Krishna and loves teaching Dholak and make special bonding with students while class.



Medhansh Merothiya

Medhansh is a middle schooler youth, an active youth volunteer in Radha Govind Dham and a lead Dholak player. 

He enjoys teaching Students and loves to see their progress.



Important Information

Please Note

-For In person classes , instruments will be provided for the class.

-For Online Classes, students must have an instrument at home or We can refer Amazon link to buy one.

-2 make up classes will be provided at the end of semester as an opportunity for students to catchup for 2 missed classes within semester.

-All 12 Classes must be concluded within semester

-No classes will be carry forward to next semester.

-No refund will be provided for no show cases as slot has been reserved already.

-Refer Calendar Tab for all classes schedule