Be a Published Co-Author (In Person)

Age - 8 to 16 yrs
Max Seat:
June 6th -June 30th /Mon-Fri/1:00pm-2:00pm
Neetu Rishi
Why do I need this?
Sometimes the thought of writing a full-fledged book can be haunting. Don’t worry, we are here to provide you a ladder to take your first step. Few students come together and write their own stories and they are bridged with our expertise and you become a co-author. Give us an opportunity to help you unleash your writing potential.
What will I learn?
  1. Finding the inspiration behind writing your story, the WHY
  2. Selection of the genre
  3. Outline of the book
  4. Disciplined Planning
  5. Momentum Building
  6. Facing the odds and challenges
  7. Design a captivating Book Cover and Title
  8. Editing and Formatting of the Book
  9. Self-Publishing
Note- 1. Students get a Participant Manual and Certificate of Completion.
2. Student needs to fill a NOC as its a co-author book and they need to bring their own device( laptop/I-Pad ) to participate in this program.