Bhagwad Gita - Chapter 4

Bhagwad Gita - Chapter 4

Secret of Shree Krishna’s Divine Descension

At the beginning of the fourth chapter, Shree Krishna tells Arjun that He had given this same knowledge of the Gita to Vivaswan at the beginning of the current manvantar. Hearing this, Arjun expresses surprise that Shree Krishna could have done that, because the beginning of the manvantar was over 120 million years ago, and he knows Shree Krishna to be existing right now. So how is it possible?

In response, Shree Krishna explains the secret of His Divine appearance in this world (avatar rahasya). He says, “O Arjun, both you and I have had many births. I remember all of them, but you do not. Though I am unborn, immortal, and the Lord of all beings, yet, while controlling maya (the material energy), I appear in this world through My Yogmaya (Divine personal power). Whenever righteousness declines and unrighteousness increases, I manifest Myself (in My personal form) at that time. For the protection of the pious, destruction of the wicked, and to re-establish dharm, I appear age after age. One who correctly understands that My appearance and actions are Divine does not take another birth upon leaving their body, O Arjun. Rather, they come to Me in My eternal Divine abode.” (Chapter 4, verses 5-9).

Let’s address some of the questions that may arise as a result of these statements by Shree Krishna. In the fifth verse, He states that both He and Arjun have had unlimited janm. How is this possible?

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