Bhagwad Gita - Chapter 3

Bhagwad Gita - Chapter 3

Meditation: Helpful technique to establish the mind in God:Part II

Continuing from our previous discussion on joining the mind with God in the article ‘Meditation: Helpful technique to establish the mind in God:Part I’, we now will share the most effective way of doing this.

The most effective way of attaching the mind to God

The most effective way of joining our mind with God, and thus activating His grace, is by practicing roop dhyan.  Roop dhyan means visualizing the form of Shree Krishna, or meditating on the form of Shree Krishna.  Simply by making the effort to visualize His form, we create the necessary connection, and are able to receive His grace.  This is also called devotional remembrance, or simply smaran. Along with the visualization, there must be a faith that it is real, live Shree Krishna we are seeing in our meditation.  After all, He is omnipresent, so He is in our mind, and He is in our meditation.  So there is no right or wrong form to meditate on. Your meditation cannot be incorrect, even though you may not be visualizing His actual Divine form because He is gracing you for your sincere effort, and your faithful remembrance, not for the correctness of your meditation. As was explained above, our mayic mind cannot correctly conceive of God’s Divinity – it is only due to His grace that we are able to forge a connection with Him.

Therefore, through roopdhyan, we can join our mind with Shree Krishna in order to receive His grace.  His grace will gradually purify our mind which will slowly reduce, and ultimately eliminate all mayic defilements, and result in God realization.  This is the practical path to God which can be adopted and practised anytime and anywhere.

This concludes the discussion on the third chapter.  In the beginning of the fourth chapter, Shree Krishna tells Arjun that He originally had given the knowledge of this path to Vivasvan several million years ago.  Arjun wants to know how that is possible, since Shree Krishna is standing in front of him right now.  In response, Shree Krishna explains the secret of His Divine appearance in this world. That will be the topic of the next article.


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