Welcome to 12 weeks of Spring Semester for Shiksha – Cultural and Academic Enrichment Program for Youth. ,
OPEN HOUSE on Sunday January 14 at 2:00pm , Spring Schedule begins Feb 1 and ends May 20, 2018
Dates when Shiksha will NOT HOLD CLASSES –
Spring Break – Mar 8 – Mar 17
Easter Weekend – Apr 1 – Apr 8

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This course aims at cultural and spiritual development of your child through ways that would groom their personality. Participation in ... more >>
In this class students will learn to speak with confidence in front of groups, learn impromptu speaking and perform various ... more >>
In this fun and interactive class students who are new to programming will be able to learn easily using simple ... more >>
In this fun and interactive class students will learn programming using JavaScript and Python using various interesting projects on device ... more >>
In this fun and interactive class, students will learn the fundamental concepts of Hinduism and an appreciation of the similarities ... more >>
Enroll your kids in Hindi for a whole year so they can gain a level of fluency... one semester is ... more >>
Students are going to build and explore many aspects of Robotics – different kind of mechanical drives, the Robotic vehicle architecture ... more >>
Entrepreneurship 1 : Computer Aided Design, Advanced Electronics, Testing and Prototyping of Electro-Mechanical products. Advanced analog and Digital design and App development ... more >>
This basic course in an essay and creative writing helps students develop the skills they need for academic writing now ... more >>
Yoga for Kids focuses on correct postures, building agility of the body and mind, building up stamina and focus on ... more >>
Students will learn Pottery making, Chinese brush painting and create exciting Craft projects using paper quilling, punch crafts and make ... more >>
This course explores the beauty of nature thru Landscape Painting as well as Floral Painting.  Landscape Painting The focus of ... more >>
Your  kids will learn to read, write, and pronounce all Telugu Letters. more >>